Google Data

What data does Google have on me?

The data Google holds about you depends on what Google services you use, and how you have configured your Google settings.

The data Google has on you might include:

  • Your internet search history
  • The YouTube videos you’ve watched
  • The places you’ve been – if you have an Android phone and location-tracking is enabled, Google keeps a record of your movements
  • A profile for targeted advertising – what Google thinks about you from an advertiser’s perspective, including its best guess at your age, gender, marital status, and interests
  • Emails you’ve sent or received – if you use Gmail
  • Events you attended – if you use Google Calendar
  • What exercise you did – if you use Google Fit

Don’t forget that it’s straightforward to adjust what data Google collects about you:

  • You can stop your search, YouTube, and location history being recorded by using Google’s Activity Controls
  • You can opt out of personalized advertising or choose what kinds of ads you’re shown at Google’s Ad Settings page

You can also download all your Google data, if you like.

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